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MLAVEAU is a clean beauty skincare brand dedicated to connecting beauty to nature. Born out of thenecessity to find solutions to skin abnormalities caused by harsh environmental factors and synthetic products.

Founded by May, a Cuban native and mother of 5, based in a small town in the outskirts of London, UK. The brand has a strong commitment to produce products that encapsulate the very best of nature to serve the world at large and reconnect what it means to be beautiful with the use of nature. Initially May created these products to alleviate her own allergies such as eczema and psoriasis, however after sharing her creation with friends and family she was encouraged to share her creative solutions with the world and so MLaveau was born. The company name represents a unique lineage and strong, proud heritage.

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we embrace


MLaveau creates clean beauty skincare products. Each product is individually made to target specific skin problems. Very often you see products labelled as natural or clean because they contain 1 natural ingredient. What you also find is that products are often created with too many ingredients because it is often believed that more is better. We have found the perfect balance of ingredients used in skin care products for them to be effective when combating skin problems. This all all achieved without using any chemical ingredients.

The ingredients we use are ethically sourced throughout Africa, the Caribbean and other exotic locations.

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we have


MLaveau was created out of a necessity for natural remedies. Today, it is our goal to reconnect as many people as we can to the wonderful healing properties found in plants, seeds, fruits and oils.

Our formulas have been tested and curated over the years to maximise benefits. At the very base of all of our products we use ingredients that boost skin cell longevity and youthfulness.

Each ingredient used is carefully chosen for compatibility.

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we embody


At MLaveau, we don't only provide you rich natural skincare solutions but also provide you with a rich experience. The looks of our products embody the same level of luxurious feel you get when using its contents. We want to make you feel good as soon as you receive our products. 

We believe that by representing our products in a luxurious way, we will help people get in-tune with nature once they try the product itself. We want to prove a point that natural doesn't mean undervalued.

Nature is under appreciated because it's readily available, yet it provides the best benefits and solutions. We're simply empowering it by highlighting its true beauty.

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we prioritise


At MLaveau, we value our environment more than anything else. Which is why we always look for ways to design and develop our packaging in eco-friendly ways. All our packaging is recyclable. We minimise our delivery drive times by bundling orders where possible. In production, our water-usage is minimal. 

In the near future we would like to establish our own global deforestation and greenhouse reduction foundation where we can all take part in the fight for mother nature. Stay tuned on all of our updates by signing up to our MLV Family newsletter.

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